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Guided tours are available 1300-1700hrs at weekends, April-September.

Pre-booking essential. Admission free.

See and experience what information would have been provided using the original equipment and instrumentation to determine the ground zero, blast and fall-out effects of a nuclear missile attack on the West of Scotland.

An atmospheric, underground, hands-on experience, you'll be accompanied by members of 25 Group (AYR) Royal Observer Corps Association who served at Skelmorlie until 1991.

Due to underground space restrictions, the guided tour MUST be booked in advance. The tour takes approximately one hour.

Access to the bunker is via a vertical steel ladder with the monitoring post being some 15 feet underground. Small children and those with mobility or health issues are not allowed inside the post. Visitors attending should ensure that they are warmly clothed with sensible footwear.

The cabin unit museum will also be available to visit and contains a number of exhibits to describe the role of the Corps and the equipment used.

To book your visit, call Frank Alexander on 07513 504 155 or email

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